Is it safe?

Crossover is designed with industry-leading materials which have been extensively tested to ensure safe and reliable performance. The product has gone through four-plus years of multiple design and engineering iterations to ensure Crossover meets the standards and demands skiers put on the product. Official testing specs will be available soon.

Compatibility — will it work with my binding?

We are working to make Crossover compatible with all of the major binding brands. For launch, Crossover is tested to work with:

  • Rossignol FKS & Look Pivot (DIN 12-18) family
  • Marker Squire, Griffin, Jester
  • Salomon STH2 WTR 13-16, Warden MNC 13
  • Salomon Shift MNC 13

Expected late winter '18 — early '19:

  • Rossignol SPX family (non Konect versions) 
  • Marker Kingpin
  • Salomon Z12, Warden 11

How's the performance?

Crossover is designed so that when you're skiing it, you won't know its there. Unlike other systems, Crossover requires no modification to factory produced bindings or skis. Binding-specific outlines match perfectly, allowing the ski to flex and perform as originally designed.

Is it easy to install?

We think so! Crossover is designed for you to do it right at home with tools found at your local hardware store.

Included with your Crossover package is a paper template. This is your guide to successfully install your Crossover plates. If you're installing Crossover atop a previously mounted ski, you may simply line up the black mount holes and outlines (indicating factory mount points) and then use the red Crossover mount points to correctly get set up. Please see installation instructions included in your package or follow the links below for templates and other helpful videos.

Installation videos will be available soon.

Will my bindings come off if I take a hard fall? Can I put them on a gondola or roof of my car?

Crossovers Slide Lock system prevents bindings from coming off in a fall. Titanium tension rods and securement buttons provide the necessary force to ensure your bindings stay where they are.

Gondolas and cars are no problem for Crossover!

Brake compatibility?

Most brakes within +/- 15 mm of your underfoot ski width should work fine. We suggest using your smaller brake width as there is some play. Additionally, in most cases, a quick pull of the brakes outwards towards the edge of the ski should help.

Another option is to purchase a larger brake to match your ski as most brakes can be easily swapped with 1-2 screws. *Note, Rossignol FKS & Look Pivot binding brakes cannot be easily switched. Contact your local ski shop or check the manufacturer website to inquire about additional brakes.

Ski rack compatibility?

Crossover is designed to work just like any other normal binding and ski setup and can be used on all ski rack types. Please remember, if you are using a vertical orientation ski rack such as a vertical hitch mount to make sure the top binding is on top of the ski securement device.

Please contact Crossover at if you have any questions regarding ski rack compatibility. 

Does Crossover work with AT bindings?

Please see "Will it work with my binding?" section for most up to date binding compatibility. Currently, crossover is not compatible with plate based AT bindings such as Marker's Barron, Duke or Tour products; Salomon Guardian products or similar products from other manufacturers.

We strive to make Crossover compatible with as many skis as possible. However, we cannot ensure full compatibility with all ski types due to a variety of different designs. Ex: Crossover is not yet compatible with skis such as the Völkl Code V.Werks, Code X, RTM & Flair models and other similar ski constructions due to unique deck and rail features.

Please contact Crossover at if you have any questions regarding ski compatibility. We will do our best to find an answer for you.

Are there skis Crossover is not compatible with?

Can I move my plates from ski to ski?

We recommend purchasing another set of Crossover plates (the XO-1 package) so you can easily move your bindings from ski to ski.