Kyle, Co-Founder

All-on or all-off just about sums up Kyle. You'll find him coast-to-coast and in-between, skiing, surfing and mountain biking down something larger than he is. With a passion for branding and a, "hate to lose more than you like to win" attitude, the Red Army hockey team could have been a good fit. Luckily, Kyle's passion for the outdoors, gear and people won out.

Cameron, Co-Founder

"Beer, here!" Okay, not quite but the point remains valid. From hawking his lawn service business in his teens to selling cars, Cam's life-long track record of making a buck has landed him here. Or the fact that he and Kyle grew up down the street from one one another. Your choice. Charming and courteous yet unbelievably ambitious, Cam's drive to get it done will drive you mad ... and ... we like it that way.

Don, Lead Engineer

With seventeen years in the ski business and many more designing and engineering a wide range of products, Don knows what it takes to create a premium product. Leading Crossover's engineering team, Don is the man for the job and someone we (and you) wouldn't want to live without.

Tim, Lead Engineer

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, Tim is a fiend on the slopes and pretty darn good with CAD as well. As an expert skier placing the highest stresses on and demanding the most of his gear, Tim is resident tester and has helped engineer Crossover to be as durable as you'd expect. Crossover only gets made if he and his cliff-hucking entourage blesses it.